Shedding light and building community

Footprints club provides an inclusive space for all members

Sophomore Angelina Cuan said she first learned of Footprints Christian club through her older brother. She joined to build stronger relationships with fellow Christians. 

Christianity helps her have a better mindset of the world and positively impacts her relationships with other people, Cuan, the social manager, said.

A guest speaker from Area Youth Ministry gives a presentation about the case of resurrection during a club meeting in preparation for Easter. (Photo by Nicole Kim)

“Our club strives to create a strong Christian community for all Christians and even all non-believers,” Cuan said. “[We] want to create a safe space and welcome everybody to the club so that they can get a chance to see perspectives of Christianity.”

Footprints Christian club has meetings every Friday and the first two of the month include visits from Area Youth Ministry, a nationwide organization that tries to equip Christian teenagers with mentorship in growing their faith, AYM mentor Jackie Wong said. 

When AYM or a guest speaker is absent during a meeting, members partake in group activities or listen to officers speak about their experiences, such as the team sharing testimonies about their journeys through Christianity, Cuan said.

During a meeting that includes AYM, members of the club listen to presentations given by the guest speakers about specific topics, such as the case of resurrection that occurred on April 8, Good Friday, Cuan said.

 In order for the topics to remain relevant, Wong said AYM work closely with the club officers to ensure upcoming Christian holidays are explained in detail so members understand the specifics of what they are celebrating.   

“We work with Erin Loh [the president] to figure out what kind of topics she would want the club to learn more about,” Wong said. “A lot of it is related to Christianity and Christian living, [and] then our mentors prepare presentations.”

Member, junior Abrianna Lee said joining the club has been a positive experience for her and she has enjoyed many of the events including a recent ice skating social.

With complimentary food provided, members watch AYM’s presentation during a Friday lunch. (Photo by Nicole Kim)

“[All the officers and fellow members are] really chill and all nice,” Lee said. “We can all talk together comfortably and we can go pretty deep into what we’re learning about.”

A sense of community is something both Cuan and Lee said they have found in the Footprints Christian club. 

“It means a lot [to have a sense of community] because I [did not really have one at school],” Lee said. “Since we spend most of our time at school, having that here just made me more comfortable and I had a ‘family’.”