The Epitaph

The new war: equality for all

 On June 5, crowds gathered in Los Altos to protest the killing of George Floyd. HHS students, including Indhu Chandra, were in attendance.

By Karuna Chandran, Ritaja Subrahmanya

June 30, 2020

To protest the killing of George Floyd, HHS students, including rising junior Indhu Chandra, attended a gathering in Los Altos on June 5. “I think it’s good that people are making this [movement for racial equality] important now,” Chandra said in a Zoom interview. “This has been going on for ...

Suffering in silence: lack of human interaction has detrimental effects

Staying connected during isolation in the digital age.

By Karuna Chandran

April 22, 2020

“... I am currently in isolation. It is not pleasant," 55-year-old Alison Cameron said in a BBC news article. Cameron had tested positive for COVID-19 on March 9. "At the heart of it I feel like death on legs." In addition to the financial problems caused by the closure of businesses and the deadliness of the virus, our mental health has also be...

Resources, financial aid offered to small businesses, community during COVID-19

Resources, financial aid offered to small businesses, community during COVID-19

By Madhavi Karthik and Shruti Magesh

April 8, 2020

Many small businesses have been seeing a drop in customers and profits and must use their personal savings to pay their loans amidst COVID-19, according to The Guardian.  As a result, cities across the nation are offering low interest loans and waivers on fees for many businesses.  In addition,...

Family: a myriad of meanings

Family: a myriad of meanings

By Ritaja Subrahmanya

April 8, 2020

Human beings need connection. The connections formed from friendships and community often evolve into something else: a family. However, a family can be so much more than the traditional definition.  “Family is a group of people that live with you in your heart,” freshman Leslie Gray said. “E...

Wins, losses aside, girls soccer focuses on sisterhood, community

By Katelynn Ngo

February 27, 2020

At the beginning of every single halftime during a soccer game, junior Jackie Khuong — who plays defense — and junior Abby O’Neill — who plays center mid, perform a handshake. If they don’t do the handshake or they mess it up, it spells bad luck for the game, O’Neill said.   The team...