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Robotics club: still thriving during distance learning

Although many clubs are struggling with the number of members attending their meeting, the robotics club is satisfied and happy with their turnout.
With most club activities being held virtually, robotics team still managing to hold workshops, train new members
November 20, 2020

In a typical year, the robotics team would have held business and mechanical programming workshops as well as a recap competition in the first semester, while in the second semester they would begin the...

Construction continues amid distance learning

Construction continues amid distance learning
October 29, 2020

Construction on campus has become the norm for students and staff over the last several years, but even through the pandemic, the work has continued.  The new Guidance Student Services (GSS) building...

‘You can’t keep everyone else warm by setting yourself on fire’

History teacher Andrea Yee plays with her kids in the extra time given by distance learning.
Teachers at home face added responsibilities with distance learning
October 5, 2020

With the sudden and dramatic shift from in-person to remote learning, teachers have risen to the challenge and quickly adapted to online learning. However, issues arise for teachers who are also parents,...

From my POV: I’m tired of Zoom!

From my POV: I'm tired of Zoom!
October 5, 2020

It’s been 202 days and counting since schools across the nation shut down. Back then, everyone was excited to have an extra two-week vacation; unfortunately, those two weeks soon turned into over half...

Teachers rise with creativity in the face of adversity

School looks very different from what it used to be six months ago, as online learning brings its own set of challenges.
October 4, 2020

The pandemic has changed the way education works, moving the focus from in-person instruction to online learning. Because of this, teachers have needed to do plenty of restructuring, both in terms of curriculum...

Casual connections missing with remote learning

Junior Shelby Riemenschnitter delivers donuts to her friends to maintain an in-person personal connection with them.
Distance learning removes everyday interactions between students
October 2, 2020

From WiFi issues to Zoom crashes, remote learning has been quite the struggle this year. But one difficulty in particular for students, like junior Shelby Riemenschnitter, has been the lack of day to day...

Creating connections during remote learning

Creating connections during remote learning
Staff use advisory, Zoom features to build community
October 1, 2020

Advisory is a new addition to everyone's schedule during remote learning. It is a time for students to connect with their teachers and peers to form a deeper relationship beyond faces on a screen. This...

First virtual rally broadcasted to enhance school spirit

First virtual rally broadcasted to enhance school spirit
Aloha theme returns, this time via youtube live
September 28, 2020

As distance learning continues, ASB is working to keep the Mustang spirit alive through virtual rallies.  The first rally of the school year took place September 16 during the advisory period through...

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