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Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

NAVIGATING THE MEDIA: Media literacy shields us from false news.

Media literacy cultivates rationality

By Macy Li February 8, 2022

The uphill battle against the spread of misinformation persists, as the media continues to cultivate false news. With social media sites and news platforms adopting greater roles in society, more of us...

A daily routine: teenagers scroll through social media endlessly but do not realize the negative consequences of doing so

Social media is promoting derealization

By Anushruti Nagarajan October 21, 2021

Social media is taking over our lives and many do not realize it, American Psychological Association reported. People are constantly scrolling like robots and engaging more with online platforms than they...

During this pandemic, it is important to stay informed and stay safe.

The Impatient Patient: solution to an emerging “infodemic” is responsibility, accountability

By Renee Wang April 29, 2020

We don’t know when the cure for COVID-19 will come. We don’t know if schools and offices will reopen soon. We don’t know when we can expect life to return to normal. In our current pandemic,...

Social media should not be an acceptable campaign platform for those running in a school election.

HHS ensures candidate qualifications trump popularity

By Naomi Baron April 17, 2020

Student council elections are meant to elect the most qualified candidate — not the most popular. But based on the way other schools nearby run their elections, they are clearly missing the point. HHS...

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