A Year With COVID-19

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One year ago today, HHS students received an email stating that schools were going to be closed for the next three weeks. Thoughts of having an unexpected yet not wholly unwelcome break during arguably the most stressful month of school was an enticing idea to students. With promises to meet up over the break and unsaid goodbyes, students left campus for the last time in a long time. Little did they know, those three weeks would quickly turn into more than a year. For students, that meant more than a year of Zoom meetings and limited social interaction. Though, for other parts of our community, the past year had a different reality entirely. Small businesses, frontline medical workers and essential workers have all experienced the frightening and gruesome effects of the coronavirus firsthand. Now, a year later, the coronavirus’s impact can be felt through various parts of our community. This project covers stories from students and other community members and how they were affected by the pandemic through conversations about different experiences they’ve gone through in the past year.