Q&A with Marcus Wurts

Senior Marcus Wurts discusses experience in PTSA Reflections program

By Nicole Kim

The Epitaph spoke with senior Marcus Wurts about his experience with the PTSA Reflections Program. Wurts submitted a musical composition piece called “Pandora” and won awards at the Homestead and District level. 


The Epitaph: How did you find out about the Reflections program?

Marcus Wurts: I heard about it in the morning announcements. There wasn’t really a place to go for musical composition [previously], so I thought it was a great [way] to showcase my talent and I just felt motivated to do so.


TE: When did you start composing music?

MW: I think I’ve always enjoyed music. I have played piano since kindergarten, I have perfect pitch and I’ve always enjoyed trying to make up my own music. I really wasn’t serious about it until maybe COVID, where I started to actually write down notes and try to make a full song.

LOVE FOR MUSIC: Wurts said he has enjoyed music his whole life, and his talent of having perfect pitch has contributed to that love. (Photo courtesy of Marcus Wurts)


TE: Can you give some background on your submission “Pandora”?

MW: It was inspired by Avatar, the movie. Just the planet itself is really beautiful, and the feeling of freedom and going into the unknown, so I wanted to showcase that: the tangible elements of nature, but also human nature. The competition’s message was, “I will change the world by,” so I wanted to show the human element of nature and how we can preserve that. ​I think [another] main message for my song is to appreciate those that support you. There’s a bunch of people who you try to confide in, but they aren’t really there for you at the right time. So I think this is just a way to show that you don’t need so many people, it’s just the people close to you who matter. So I think that was another emotional tone I had for the song.

TE: What was the process of composing this piece?

MW: Well, like a lot of other pieces, they just come to me at times. If a tune resonates with me, I just tried to build off of that. Originally, I didn’t intend to submit this piece for the competition, I just enjoyed it a lot. I started composing this before I knew about the competition, and I was like, ‘Oh, this piece is good, maybe I could try to submit it.’ It wasn’t about the competition, it was just about composing a piece and enjoying it, and then having a place to showcase it.


TE: Were you expecting this outcome?

MW: Not really, I mean, I showed the piece to my friends and a lot of them enjoyed it, but I just wasn’t sure how it would stack up against other artists. I was surprised, but also happy.


TE: As a whole, would you say you had a negative or positive experience with the program?

MW: I think I had a very positive experience with the program. It was a great place not only for me to showcase my art, but also through ceremonies I got to see other artists and other genres of the arts, and just appreciate their art as well.


TE: Would you recommend participating in this program to others?

MW: Yeah, definitely. Even if you don’t win, like I didn’t advance to the state level, it is just a great way to share your art with people and also just to see other people’s art and appreciate it.