Letter to the editor: response to “Revising school start time”

Changing start times is not the solution

Dear Editor,

After reading the article “Revising school start time” in the latest edition of The Epitaph, I have a few concerns regarding the logistics of this plan, and I feel that it will be detrimental to students.

As the article touches on, one concern with the plan to push back school start times is adjusting students’ after school schedules. However, I believe that this issue does not have a practice solution.

Even with the current starting time for school, several students begin their extracurricular activities right after school do not get home until very late. If the starting time for school is pushed back, these activities will be pushed back as well and simply force students to begin homework even later. Some activities currently begin very late, and pushing these back is simply unreasonable and more taxing on students.

One reason why students are not getting much sleep is because of the difficult workload they are receiving from rigorous classes. Pushing back the starting time of school does not change the fact that students still have a mountain of homework to complete. Because of this, I feel that the only solution to allowing students to get more sleep is reducing the workload from school instead of changing start times.

-Anonymous Student