Stumping the Trump 101

The hypocrisy of Trump’s campaign


Photo by Jamelle Bouie

A Trump Supporter holds the sign at a Trump rally in Dallas, TX. Photo by Jamelle Bouie.

Considered little more than a joke when he announced his candidacy six months ago, real estate mogul Donald Trump is coming dangerously close to securing the presidential nomination for the Republican Party. Despite the scarcity of Trump supporters in the Bay Area, Trump’s success in the rest of the country is fundamentally troubling given the hypocritical nature of his campaign.

Establishment Republicans are in unison agreement of the Trump Campaign’s disturbing nature, but they have absolutely no right to say they are astonished. Trump is what the Republicans’ efforts of pumping hatred of Obama into the veins of the far right has been building up to.

The underlying principle of Trump’s campaign is that he is “politically incorrect” and therefore disparate from the establishment. This trait is what fosters trust in the minds of Trump’s  electorate, 42 percent of which constitutes people without a college degree, according to a Washington Post/ ABC News Poll.

In Trump, people see someone they can trust, a candidate who empathizes with them in the hateful and backwards comments he makes, even when they are are fundamentally false. I cannot blame Trump for being unable to grasp the truth because of his tiny hands.

Trump is a pathological liar as he has perpetrated a 180 degree turn on all his beliefs. The blind trust that drives Trump’s supporters to heil to their demagogue has blinded them to the candidate’s pivotal turnarounds.

Trump supported Secretary of State John Kerry on record, donated to the campaign of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, was pro-choice and employed illegal immigrants to work on his construction projects.

All of Trump’s flip-flops culminate in the paradox that is Trump’s campaign, hidden in plain sight to his cult. If the establishment Republicans want to rectify their lack of foresight, they must expose the lies Trump has said on record by doing more than just calling Trump a “fraud” and a “cheat.”

That is how you “stump the Trump.”