The Epitaph

Our flawed legal system: helping police get away with murder

The Supreme Court provides police officers with almost limitless immunity from prosecution for their actions taken on the job.

By Macy Li

August 19, 2020

Nationwide protests and social media outrage led to the arrest of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. Even though this is a step towards justice, it lacks the power to influence America’s flawed legal system. The senseless killin...

Reopening economy doing more harm than good

As seen in the graph above, since reopening, the amount of new COVID-19 cases has increased rapidly.

By Amber Birrell

July 5, 2020

California, along with many other states, has begun to slowly reopen and ease lockdown restrictions.  While this does sound relieving, there has not been a significant decline in the amount of COVID-19 cases to warrant the rapid reopening. Reopening with such a large number of positive cases will o...

Being black should not be a death sentence

The video of Arbery’s shooting bears a striking resemblance to lynching photography, since both were not taken to protest violence, but rather to celebrate it.

By Macy Li

May 31, 2020

For years, black citizens in the United States have faced countless racist attacks from white people. Today, this abuse towards black civilians has rapidly gained attention and sparked nationwide outrage. The core issues that lie behind these shootings are no different from the ones in the past:...

The toxic reality of hyperpartisanship

The toxic reality of hyperpartisanship

By Dan Penalosa

May 26, 2020

President Trump is a known climate change denier, xenophobe and misogynist. And yet, the Republican Party still backs him. In fact, he isn’t anywhere near losing his party’s support; according to a recent poll conducted by Gallup, his approval ratings are almost at an all-time high among Republicans at ninety-two percent. In the midd...

Quarantine Protests: Ill aimed discontent

 A system like quarantine is heavily reliant on the efforts of its participants. As residents of the country with the highest number of COVID-19 infections, Americans have a heavy responsibility to participate in the quarantine. Protests against the quarantine, which have flared up across the U.S. only help to prolong the virus’s stay in the U.S. and put the lives of many at risk.

By Dexter Tatsukawa

May 16, 2020

With over 1 million Americans infected, the U.S. now has the highest number of COVID-19 cases according to NPR. Even so, these numbers have not stopped some from protesting the measures used to keep them safe. According to The Orange County Register, between 2,500-3,000 people turned up in Huntington...

Plant-based meats provide health benefits, increase sustainability

Plant-based meats provide health benefits, increase sustainability

By Shruti Magesh

April 4, 2020

The conventional options of a traditional meat or veggie burger are now being overtaken by a new option on the menu: the plant-based meat burger. Both meat eaters and vegetarians alike are flocking to this new burger, which emulates the taste and texture of regular meat burgers. The plant-based patties...

The myth of a clean-shaven look

Women have been raised with the belief that they should have perfectly hairless bodies. Now, things are changing.

By Anika Karody

December 11, 2019

W henever a girl wants to take a stroll in a pair of shorts, she might look down and question: How do my legs look? Are they hairless? When a girl has to attend an event, she may spend time plucking her eyebrows in order to ensure that all the traces of that unibrow are gone. As for sleeveless clothi...

As AirPod dangers surface, better to be safe than sorry

A new study reveals that AirPods may cause neurological damage and potentially lead to cancer with long-term use.

By Naomi Baron

October 23, 2019

T he hottest device on the market recently are AirPods. AirPods are wireless bluetooth earphones released in 2016 by Apple. Sure, wired earphones are cool, but these wireless bluetooth earphones are hitting home for Apple as the company sold 35 million AirPods in 2018 alone, with the product bein...

Protect the Parks: the insignificance of small-scale actions

Protect the Parks: the insignificance of small-scale actions

By Jane Park

October 22, 2019

F rom reusable metal straws to websites that plant trees every time you use their browser, sustainability has grown ever-more popular. However, people should be wary of the trendy ways to be sustainable, as these initiatives are often unproductive.  Ecosia, for example, is a free search exten...

As marijuana stigma drops, addiction rates will rise

California has openly embraced the legalization of marijuana through the use of ads and billboards; is federal legalization next?

By Leila Salam

October 22, 2019

W ith the 2020 presidential campaigns fully underway, each candidate is showcasing their brand-new shiny policy plans. Some of the most controversial plans concern federal legalization of marijuana. While there are many benefits to legalization, we should not forget: marijuana is a drug. Just like a...

The world should be your classroom

Photo: A girl on stands on the earth, with speech bubbles of field trip locations across it.

By Indira Cockerill

March 8, 2017

External environments can be museums, art galleries, plays and more. While a controlled environment such as a classroom has its benefits, it can also deviate students from paying attention, zoning out or becoming easily distracted. If students are not focusing and unmotivated while in the classro...

Editorial: Executive meetings, club binders are ineffective

Club binders and executive meetings are useless and do not benefit clubs as a whole.

By The Editorial Board

February 2, 2017

Before every executive meeting, club presidents scramble to finish club binder summaries and reschedule tutorials to show up for another meeting that regurgitates the same information of all meetings preceding it. The ASB Handbook states clubs have many responsibilities, including maintaining a well ...