Despite valiant efforts, HHS comes up short against LGHS

Pink Night concludes with the Varsity boys basketball losing against Los Gatos.


Photo by Daniel Chung

Senior Josh Anderson covers an LGHS player while his fellow teammate attempts to pass the ball.

By Daniel Chung

The boys varsity basketball team played Los Gatos. Although the team put great effort, the game ended with HHS losing 42 to 81.

The first quarter started off slow with LGHS  trailing by five points. They soon caught up and gained a quick 15-point lead.

The rest of the first quarter continued with HHS falling behind between 15 to 20 points.

The first quarter concluded with LGHS leading 24 to 9 and Homestead having a total of 5 fouls.

The second quarter continued with LGHS continuing their lead over HHS.

LGHS managed to score an additional 15 points while HHS only scored six points ending the second half and homestead trailing behind 39 to 15.

During the third quarter, HHS started to catch up to LGHS scoring a total 18 points. However, towards the end of the third quarter LGHS scored an additional 21 points, ending the third quarter 60 to 33.

The fourth quarter continued with LGHS defense continuing to shut down HHS as the offense only scored nine points. LGHS offense also displayed their superiority over the HHS defense as they scored 21 points.

One notable player from HHS was senior Josh Anderson. Anderson provided excellent coverage and screening when HHS was on offense.

The HHS boys varsity basketball team now has a record of 5 wins and 8 losses.