Go see the world … no experience necessary!

Wilderness Adventurers Club aims to bring students out into nature


Photo by courtesy of Sarina Singh

WAC hosted a hiking event at Rancho San Antonio.

Hiking, rock-climbing and even skiing are some of the activities in which members of Wilderness Adventurers Club (WAC) participate. 

Brought together by their shared passion for the outdoors and hiking, seniors Sarina Singh and Lindsey Skidmore founded WAC two years ago. 

“We founded Wilderness Adventurers to create a space where people who love the environment [and] nature can commune on [the] Homestead campus,” WAC co-president Singh said. 

In addition, another one of WAC’s goals is to spread awareness about the stress-relieving qualities of being out in nature, Singh said. 

WAC holds many socials outside of school, she said, where members can enjoy nature and get in some exercise as well.

Senior Jeffrey O’Brien said he joined WAC when the club was first founded. 

“I saw [WAC] as a way to get outdoors more,” O’Brien said. “Although I was running a lot for cross country, I never thought to enjoy nature or the wilderness.” 

WAC is unique because it is a way to expand your social circle and experience new things, O’Brien said. 

“You get to meet a lot of new people that you normally don’t get to hang out with,” he said, “and you get to experience the world with them … it’s a lot of fun.”

What sets WAC apart from other clubs is that their events allow students to partake in hands-on activities, Singh said.

“[WAC] gets students out into the field,” Singh said, “and doing things rather than just learning about things.”

This year, one of WAC’s goals is to host new events they have never done before. 

“We’re hoping to do some ski trips around wintertime, through Sports Basement’s bus program,” WAC treasurer and senior Kari Siu said. 

WAC will also host some smaller weekend backpacking trips and a larger, week-long one, likely during summer break, she said. 

However, WAC doesn’t want to scare hesitant hiking newbies – experience is not necessary to join. 

“It’s learning as you go,” Singh said. “Nature doesn’t require any prior experience.”