Win-loss record not always indicator of successful season

Girls junior varsity volleyball wins in strides of improvement

By Nitya Kashyap

The girls junior varsity volleyball team wrapped up their season with an overall record of 1-5 and a conference record of 0-3. 

Infographic by Nitya Kashyap

Despite the fact that the number of losses outnumbered the wins, the team showed other aspects of improvement, coach Joe Smith said.

“I think this season went really well from a development standpoint,” Smith said. “We had a lot of girls improve tremendously.”

One thing that improved over the season was communication between the players, Smith said.

“Communication on the court has increased a lot, which has allowed us to cover the ball better,” Smith said. “It’s enabled us to run a much more effective offense.”

Key player and freshman Anya Agrawal said her performance this year was better than expected.

“This was my first year trying out a new position, and I think I did very well because I [got] a lot of playing time,” Agrawal said. “I [had] a lot of opportunities, and I think I have improved tremendously.”

While the overall record was not what they hoped for, the team improved as a whole in many aspects of the sport. More importantly, the team had a good time, freshman Manya Rohloff said. 

“Sometimes, the win-loss record doesn’t even reflect how we play as a team, so that has pretty much nothing to do with a successful season,” Rohloff said. “It’s much more about the team than the record.”