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WELL-LOVED CLASSICS: Platt includes a variety of covers in the show, including classic songs such as Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.”

Ben Platt’s ‘Reverie’ tour is live music at its finest

By Rajiv Venkatesh September 14, 2022

At Ben Platt’s Sept. 11 concert in Stanford’s Frost Amphitheatre, students looking for a good time and diehard fans in well-worn “Dear Evan Hansen” shirts crowded together for a night of heartfelt,...

WASTEFUL CULTURAL STANDARDS: The lawns that dominate much of suburban America are wasting water at a time when we can’t afford to

Wasteful lawns are hurting California’s environment

By Keshav Kumar May 25, 2022

During times of hardship, individual luxuries must often be sacrificed for the good of society. When it comes to a resource as necessary and scarce as water in California, we must be especially careful....

Yearbook should assert its rights to fight senior quote censorship

By Naomi Baron December 16, 2021

Around this time of year, seniors may send the The Pegasus, HHS yearbook, their proposed senior quotes to be displayed under their yearbook photo. However, a number of HHS seniors reported having their...

Smoke from wildfires has worsened air quality in the Bay Area, forcing changes to Homesteads campus routines.

Impact of climate change felt at Homestead through local wildfires

By Keshav Kumar October 11, 2021

Poor air quality caused by California wildfires has prompted HHS administration to cancel sports practices, postpone outdoor events and revamp classroom ventilation systems.  Wildfires have devastated...

News in a Minute

News in a Minute

By Madhavi Karthik June 2, 2021

Local: Current pandemic status allows California to reopen in June California is set to reopen completely on June 15, according to ABC News. All businesses — including bars, retail stores and...

Smoke covers the view of the mountains and ocean from Arnolds home.

Major wildfires continue to spread across California

By Amber Birrell November 2, 2020

Across the U.S. families have been displaced and homes have been destroyed by the record-breaking fires throughout California, the Los Angeles Times reported. It has been two months since the first...

ACA 5 IS NECESSARY: In order to correct racial disparities in UCs and CSUs, it is vital that admissions officers consider an applicant’s race.

ACA 5 to help minority groups

By Anika Karody August 19, 2020

When I heard that the state senate voted to pass the Assembly Constitution Act 5 (ACA 5) on June 25, after it was backed by UC regents and the state assembly, I was relieved, as minority students would...

As seen in the graph above, since reopening, the amount of new COVID-19 cases has increased rapidly.

Reopening economy doing more harm than good

By Amber Birrell July 5, 2020

California, along with many other states, has begun to slowly reopen and ease lockdown restrictions.  While this does sound relieving, there has not been a significant decline in the amount of COVID-19...

Protests like that of Huntington Beach are lobbying for relaxed social distancing restrictions. What they do not realize is that this will only lead to another spike in cases.

The fight against coronavirus not over

By Leila Salam May 23, 2020

COVID-19 is real. This is more than apparent as the coronavirus has already claimed the lives of 3,054 Californians, according to the LA Times. In order to reduce infection rates and keep people safe,...

 A system like quarantine is heavily reliant on the efforts of its participants. As residents of the country with the highest number of COVID-19 infections, Americans have a heavy responsibility to participate in the quarantine. Protests against the quarantine, which have flared up across the U.S. only help to prolong the virus’s stay in the U.S. and put the lives of many at risk.

Quarantine Protests: Ill aimed discontent

By Dexter Tatsukawa May 16, 2020

With over 1 million Americans infected, the U.S. now has the highest number of COVID-19 cases according to NPR. Even so, these numbers have not stopped some from protesting the measures used to keep...

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