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Accelerated summer construction projects will give students and teachers access to renovated buildings this school year.

Campus construction completed — for now

After continuous construction on campus for the last 15 years, no major renovations will take place during the upcoming school year, principal Greg Giglio said. The B and S buildings and library quad will...

NON-STOP NOISE: Renovations of buildings cause noise and obstacles to students and staff.

Construction continues at HHS, fueled by efforts to modernize campus

After facing delays, the A building opened at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year; it was previously under renovation in an effort to modernize HHS. Following the A building, Giglio said the B...

DELAY IN CONSTRUCTION: progress has slowed due to changes and lack of staff.

A building construction delays

By Leila Salam February 15, 2022

A building construction is now set to finish later than its original timeline of May as a result of COVID-19 regulations and additional changes after inspections. However, the move-in dates have not changed....

Building for a better future

Building for a better future

By Saanvi Thakur March 16, 2021

Over the past year, numerous construction projects have started across campus and while they are needed, it is important to account for the environmental impact of these new buildings.  As the effects...

Construction continues amid distance learning

Construction continues amid distance learning

By Saanvi Thakur October 29, 2020

Construction on campus has become the norm for students and staff over the last several years, but even through the pandemic, the work has continued.  The new Guidance Student Services (GSS) building...

The fence around the construction was set to recede this week, but due to unforeseen issues with the concrete pouring, the pathway will remain closed for at least another three weeks.

Construction will continue following GSS, safety concerns remain

By Shreya Partha March 2, 2020

The closed off walkway between the A and C buildings was scheduled to be opened up slightly to create a small path again during the week of March 2, assistant principal Denae Nurnberg said. However, due...

THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Noise from the construction can cause a student to miss information crucial to the lecture.

The hidden cost of construction

By Shreya Partha November 8, 2019

Construction on campus has been a regular occurrence for years now, beginning with the iHub and now the new GSS building, which is set to be completed in October 2020.  However, as students, we are...

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