A building construction delays

By Leila Salam

A building construction is now set to finish later than its original timeline of May as a result of COVID-19 regulations and additional changes after inspections. However, the move-in dates have not changed. One cause of the delays is the decision to make further improvements after inspections from various state agencies. Mockler said these possible delays were factored into the original timeline.

“When [construction workers] got into the building and started to do this work, they decided to do more than what was initially required,” facilities manager Toby Mockler said. “Just looking at how things could go down the line, [the updates] would give the buildings a much longer lifespan. [We are] potentially looking at another 50, maybe 75 years for these buildings with this work.”

DELAY IN CONSTRUCTION: progress has slowed due to changes and lack of staff. (Photo courtesy of Leila Salam)

Additional delays have been caused by COVID-19, specifically regarding the loss of staff. Mockler said this is especially difficult because specialized subcontractors aren’t easily replaceable.

“When the schedule for this building was laid out, a lot of those contingencies were put in,” Mockler said. “It affects everything down to supply because of people getting sick; that runs all the way back to where things are made.”

Mockler said regardless of delays, teachers will still move into their classrooms in time for next school year to start.

“It still doesn’t affect the end date of construction, which is the fact that the building will be [ready] for next school year,” Mockler said. “It’ll be fully operational by then, but the initial construction phase [will be] just a little longer.”