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The Epitaph

Children and parents interact with various club booths at the STEM night.

Inspiring youth in STEM fields

By Sanah Arya February 18, 2024

Science National Honors Society hosts its sixth annual STEM night on Feb. 9. The event was geared towards educating local elementary and middle schoolers about STEM fields, as well as related clubs via...

 Senior Kaz Nakao studies AP chemistry to succeed on the AP test.

AP test prep in full swing: how students strive for success

By Nathan Gu May 17, 2023

The timer rings to mark the end of finals for AP chemistry students and the heavy thoughts of pushing through finals dissipate. Students are excited to enjoy the rest of Friday with friends, but looming...

Once I reframed mentorship as a two-way street and an opportunity for mutual growth, I was able to make the impact I wanted and develop as a leader.

The Daydreamer

By Karuna Chandran April 19, 2023

As I stared at the whiteboard, I felt like I was looking at a foreign language. That’s how kinematics felt to me when I first started taking AP Physics 1, and if I’m being honest, the class still feels...

Culinary involves more preparation and science than just cooking and eating.

The ingredients of culinary club

By Helen Tam December 1, 2022

The oven is preheated. Flour is covering all the members from head to toe. But through it all, they are all still laughing and enjoying baking while listening to songs by Taylor Swift. Culinary club,...

DEEPENING SCIENTIFIC UNDERSTANDING: New “Science and Society” course expands the scope of learning by connecting scientific disciplines with societal phenomenons.

Intersectionality between science and our community

By Olivia Shen April 17, 2022

Previously, freshmen have been limited to choosing between two courses – Physics and Chemistry – for their sophomore science class. Now, their science options, along with everyone else’s, are expanding,...

Physics class helps students build meaningful connections, explore vital concepts

By Olivia Shen March 14, 2022

During the springtime, all students excluding seniors undergo the process of course selection. Similar to my peers, when I was a freshman, I had the option of choosing my science class: physics or chemistry.  Like...

HHS’ Science Bowl team has been on a journey to improve together and now they are passing down their knowledge to others.

The cycle of knowledge

By Rajiv Venkatesh January 31, 2022

When senior Michael Ferolito was a sixth-grader looking at clubs to join for the first time at Sunnyvale Middle School, he said he was instantly drawn to Science Bowl’s welcoming environment and the...

Students in AP Physics 1 perform a lab to learn about collisions and momentum.

Labs and COVID-19: the impact on student learning

By Naomi Baron and Olivia Shen December 14, 2021

During the shift to online learning, COVID-19 forced science teachers to shift gears and alter the way that they teach science. Many facets of education were heavily impacted, science included, chemistry...

End the politicization of science

By Keshav Kumar October 31, 2021

These days, multiple aspects of our lives have become increasingly politicized. While this trend of politicizing previously uncontroversial issues has plagued everything from sports to music, we should...

Science for Change officers create a replica of HHS’ campus

STEM Night will be held on an interactive online platform

By Evelyn Solis March 25, 2021

Club officers of science for change will be holding the annual STEM Night on March 30 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. through the online platform Gather Town, to uphold this club tradition, despite the virtual medium....

AP physics 1: not worth the removal of physics honors

AP physics 1: not worth the removal of physics honors

By Amber Birrell and Ritaja Subrahmanya March 26, 2020

Homework. Exams. Scores. Work is piling up for many advanced placement (AP) courses on campus, and here comes yet another one. Starting next school year, physics honors will be removed from HHS curriculum...

Now it’s our turn

By Sahil Venkatesan October 21, 2019

It is time to rise.  Our predecessors have failed us and it is now our responsibility to save the world.  We cannot idly sit back and hope our government will solve one of the most prevalent issues...

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