Underrated Artists: Goth Babe

Music is often something that stands alone. Artists may have their unique styles or strong messages that they emphasize in their lyrics, but it is not often that an artist’s profits are directly linked to a worldwide issue. Goth Babe is an exception — as a musical project created by outdoors lover Griff Washburn, the project raises money for environmental nonprofits such as Protect our Winters, Project Zero and Conservation Lands Foundation, according to the Austin American-Statesman. 

This sets Goth Babe apart from other artists, as he is willing to give up the profits from his concerts and merchandise to benefit the environment, while simultaneously creating beautiful music for people to enjoy.

Goth Babe deserves more attention for his environmental advocacy and unique discography.
(Illustration courtesy of Dhruv Sharma)

Goth Babe blends his love for nature into his songs, with tracks often named after places known for their beauty, such as “Canary Islands” and “Surfing in Iceland.” The resulting pieces are perfect for a sunny summer day, for walking in a forest or for driving to the beach — anything in the outdoors. 

The first song I heard from Goth Babe was “Sunnnn.” It was in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, and I had listened to almost every new album in existence. I was tired of all my old music and needed something refreshing. “Sunnnn” was just that. Its warm melody and instrumental was something new to me, especially in an indie song. The song does not contain the average guitar riffs or overly cheerful tone that many indie songs do, but rather something more atmospheric and comforting. 

Listening to “Sunnnn” convinced me that I needed to hear more from Goth Babe. The rest of his discography did not disappoint. 

One of Goth Babe’s more relaxing songs, “Topanga,” features a drowsy melody and steady instrumental. Its lyrics are depressing, with lines such as “I’ve been thinking too long here” and “I’ve got the weight of the world here.” However, the melody is still chirpy enough to prevent it from being a song I consider depressing. It is an enticing, mellow track that is worth a listen. If it were not for “Car Camping,” this would be my favorite track in his discography. 

“Car Camping” has a wonderful intro, using a twinkly sound effect underneath a loop of ambient vocal chops. This lead comes back throughout the song, and it is very hard to get tired of. Goth Babe’s vocals fit the vibe of the track perfectly by adding a slightly moody foundation to an already interesting instrumental. 

Goth Babe sets himself apart from the music scene, with his ethereal music and environmental activism. His songs beautifully evoke the feeling of wanderlust, which is something many artists cannot do as elegantly as Goth Babe does. Goth Babe deserves more attention for the magical songs he creates, combining the immersive qualities of nature and the inviting melodies of synths.