Listen to the entire album and you’ll see why

Listening to the entirety of an album does have significance

By Indira Cockerill

While having heard a song on the radio, you could say it was love at first song. Then as the weeks go on, replaying the song one too many time, it grows stale and I unlimitedly become bored of the song which I had once loved.

While in the moment it’s satisfying, the listener is missing out on many other songs from the artist. As an artist draws from a blank canvas, so does a musical artist. The artist still has a story to tell and has the delivery methodically put together.   

While hearing a popular song from Rihanna on the radio, I really liked the beat and how the lyrics seemed to intertwine perfectly. Though I was not satisfied with just one song, so I decided to look up more songs from her “ANTI” album.

What I found was amazing.

What I found was an immense appreciation for the artists ability to create a well put together album from start to finish. A story told through intense beats and lyrics weaved through a theme that flows perfectly in both ears.

Having an understanding of how much time the artist put in the booth, made me appreciate the entirety of the album. Especially when it comes to the story the artist is telling.

For example when listening to a G-Eazy’s album, “These Things Happen”, he often expresses his struggle with becoming famous and his struggle with family.

“Yesterday my mom got out of surgery, Wasn’t even in town.. Finding out the news late, Imagine how that sh-t sound” Eazy said. From his song Opportunity Cost.

While listening to his particular album I felt a connection to his lyrics, how he contemplates balancing two lives and his struggle with being there for his family.

While listening to the entirety of an album, I would normally have not considered doing this but since after giving my friend CD’s, we had the chance to listen to the full album while on long drives. I find that being in the right element is important for absorbing the full recognition of the album. For example listening in the car while relaxed and on long drives is the perfect place.

Having no distractions is the way to go. While listening to music while doing homework is also a way to listen to songs for a long duration.    

I challenge you to absorb and appreciate an artist’s entire album, for the glorious masterpiece that it is.