Reinventing movie going

Theater is the new social event

By Eden Pollitt, Senior Design Editor

One of the photo strips from the collection of movie dates.

oMvie-going is a common activity that has turned into a sort of tradition for my friend and I. We have begun to enjoy the experience of going to see something at least once a month, the way teens of the 1950s made going to a drive-in a frequent event.

We have a set of rules to make the experience more personal to us. First off, since tickets and snacks tend to be very expensive, one of us pays for snacks and the other buys the tickets.

We buy our snacks at Safeway, that way the night out is more affordable and we are able to buy more than you would at the theater. There are also more options if you buy from a grocery store.

Sarah and I also dress up to make it more of a “girls-night-out” and carpool so we can karaoke to our favorite songs or talk. This allows us to have a moment to catch up before we get to the movie theater.

Once at the movie theater, we get a photo strip to document the moment. This is my favorite part because by the end of the school year I will have a collection of all the times I went to the movies with her.

I would recommend finding a friend and making this a hobby of yours. Not only has it strengthened my friendship with Sarah, but it is also easily customizable. Meaning you can pick the date, movie, where to get cheaper snacks, and what sort of rules you want to set in place. It’s also a great excuse to get out of the house and go see a movie with your friends!