The Epitaph

‘Not a bad thing’ to experiment?

Returning to his Memphis roots, Timberlake released “Man of the Woods’ close to his performance at the Super Bowl halftime show.

By Era Goel

February 16, 2018

W hen Justin Timberlake released “The 20/20 Experience” five years ago after great anticipation from fans, the album opened with 968,000 sales and went on to become 2013’s top seller, according to Billboard. For his latest release, “Man of the Woods,” which mingles country vibes with his ...

‘Black Panther’ soundtrack lives up to same hype as film

By Lily Hartenstein

February 15, 2018

Not only does Marvel’s upcoming film “Black Panther” host an incredible cast, but the movie’s soundtrack brings musical icon Kendrick Lamar to the list of creatives working on the highly anticipated movie. Lamar announced his role in producing and curating the soundtrack on Jan. 4, when he d...

Same genre, same culture, same upward trajectory for Migos

By Thomas Denome

February 5, 2018

A lmost a year after their sophomore album, “Culture,” debuted to much acclaim, Migos, the Georgia-based hip-hop trio, released their latest album, “Culture II.” Becoming the subject of speculation inside of the rap community, the project was first teased in June 2017, with a handful of ...

A maniacal fall out of flavor

By Andrea Sun

February 5, 2018

W hen I was in middle school, Fall Out Boy played constantly on the radio, making it almost impossible not to hear one song a day. I was more than okay with that. Songs like “Centuries” and “Uma Thurman” filled my earbuds and I loved listening to rock music, which contrasted my usual Taylor S...

‘War & Leisure’ wins the battle

By Gianella Ordonez

December 9, 2017

M iguel, R&B/soul artist, has been under the radar since he released his last album, “Wildheart.” However, his newest work might propel him into the stardom he’s always deserved. Not only has Miguel resurrected the true meaning of R&B/soul music in “War & Leisure,” he has rejuven...

Tove Lo’s new album loses characteristic grit

Tove Lo’s new album equals less grit and more bubblegum pop.

By Renee Wang

December 8, 2017

P erhaps most known for the explicit hit single “Habits (Stay High),” Swedish pop phenomenon Tove Lo is back with her third album, “Blue Lips,” which offers a new dimension to her previously raw and gritty tune. “Habits (Stay High),” with its surge in popularity, was forever etched into Lo’s musical iden...

‘Everyday is Christmas’ cheerfully kicks off the holiday season

By Kate Gabrielson

December 4, 2017

Although I enjoy turning on the radio in December and singing along to the classic Christmas carols as much as, if not more than, the next person, I must confess I get tired of hearing the same played-out covers my grandparents likely listened to in the 1940s. By late December every year, my reaction is t...

The ‘thrill’ was worth the wait

By Ryan Ng Newman

November 15, 2017

For the most part, love songs these days are repetitive and predictable. Therefore, I do not particularly buy into to the typical tunes that boast heartache and unfinished relationships. However, Sam Smith's second studio album "The Thrill of It All," has pleasantly surprised me. One of the...

Listen to the entire album and you’ll see why

By Indira Cockerill

May 19, 2017

While having heard a song on the radio, you could say it was love at first song. Then as the weeks go on, replaying the song one too many time, it grows stale and I unlimitedly become bored of the song which I had once loved. While in the moment it’s satisfying, the listener is missing out on many ot...

The search is over

John Mayer’s new album is worth a listen. Photo courtesy of Capital Studios.

By Katie Snell

April 22, 2017

Unlike some of his older, optimistic and playful music, John Mayer’s new album “The Search for Everything” is brutally honest about the pain of heartbreak. Even the melancholy expression on Mayer’s face in the cover album art expresses his struggle to find happiness through love. Some of the...

Underground duo Tennis destroys expectations

Released March 10th, ‘Yours Unconditionally’ is Tennis’ fourth studio album.

By Claire Torii

March 30, 2017

Tennis? You mean the sport? How do you listen to a sport? Do they double-fault? Most haven't heard of the native Coloradans married duo Tennis, comprised of Alaina Moore, the curly haired subject of all five of their album covers and the lead singer, and Patrick Riley, the captivating guitar play...

Bebe Rexha’s new EP leaves you wanting more

Bebe Rexha’s new EP leaves you wanting more

By Noor Baig

March 27, 2017

With the weather getting warmer and senioritis kicking in, I have been itching for my favorite badass female artists to release an album with some on-repeat-all-summer quality tracks. I didn’t get a full album – yet -- but I got a six-song EP, “It’s All Your Fault: Part 1” by Bebe Rexha,...