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Wrestling head coach Lenis Brown encourages each wrestler at their first team meet at Fremont.

Wrestling welcomes new head coach

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco, Adam Orrin, and Malar Raguraman December 17, 2023

The start of a new winter sports season is the beginning of Lenis Brown's career at our school as the new head coach of the wrestling team. Despite his first experience coaching being last year...

The movie loses all hope for an eerie mystique in a strange scene where the animatronics, the scariest presence in the film, become friendly and build a fort with the main characters. (Photo from Universal Pictures)

‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ fails to scare

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco December 14, 2023

“Five Nights at Freddy's,” the long-awaited film adaptation of the popular game franchise, brings audiences into the haunted world of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. As I have played and enjoyed the game...

Rob Walker, a volunteer for counterfeit prescription pill awareness organization Song for Charlie, speaks about how he lost his son to fentanyl poisoning.

Bringing awareness to the fentanyl crisis

By Alan Ma, Nicole Pimenta Innecco, and Varun Vijay Mani November 6, 2023

The Cupertino Rotary Club and other local organizations, including the FUHS Foundation, partnered on Oct. 18 to organize a fentanyl crisis awareness event.  Fentanyl poses a lethal danger to teenagers...

Coach Jackie Lam said she hopes to bring enthusiasm and a genuine joy for tennis to the team.

New face behind the racket

By Anushruti Nagarajan and Nicole Pimenta Innecco October 14, 2023

As the courts come alive with the renewed energy of a new season, players gear up to welcome their new coach: Jackie Lam. With prior experience and a different perspective, she hopes to strengthen the...

English and drama teacher Alana Caires said she believes theater has the power to bring out a different side of people and to tell important stories in an enjoyable way.

‘Total drama geek’: Alana Caires takes the stage as new drama teacher

English teacher Alana Caires said she began her acting journey in elementary school, performing in a musical production of “Hansel and Gretel.” Now, that journey has come full circle as she takes over...

Gingembre (not pictured) said the powerful connection between teammates fosters a welcoming environment for playing.

Individual but united

Tennis is often seen as a no-contact sport with a small number of players on court, but the girls varsity tennis team understands the sport’s complexity, and the bond they share with the sport and each...

With the return of the school year, technology remains constant in the classrooms.

Exploring modern approaches to learning

The sound of students typing away on their laptops. The low hum of the air conditioning in the background as students work diligently on their online assignments. These sounds drift throughout classrooms...

STUDENTS PERFECT SPORT: Outside the confines of campus student athletes hone their abilities

Nontraditional sports offer a unique passion

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco June 3, 2022

When asked what sport they enjoy partaking in, most students tend to say more popular sports such as football, basketball or volleyball. However, popular sports like these can be very competitive and difficult...

COMMUNICATION AND TRUST: Main characters Nick and Charlie represent a healthy gay relationship.

‘Heartstopper’ paves the way for LGBTQ representation in media

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco and Aiko Charon June 3, 2022

Queer representation in media tends to be the bare minimum or focuses on negativity— from token gay characters who feel out of place to titles that emphasize sexuality over everything else, it is a mixed...

mxmtoon and Chloe Moriondo captivate the audeince with their vocals, instrumentals, and visual effects

mxmtoon’ shares her growth, fosters community with ”rising: the tour”

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco and Dan Penalosa May 21, 2022

Blue. Green. Purple. All these brilliant colors illuminated the stage of the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco when I got to watch Maia perform. Known on stage as mxmtoon, she is famed for her breakout...

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