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Faria Focus: NFL Draft is a bright spot in a world with no sports

The 2020 NFL Draft, a bright spot in a world with no sports.

By Jackson Faria

April 28, 2020

As the sports world remains at a standstill due to COVID, sports fans are desperate for any source of entertainment. Luckily for us, the 2020 NFL Draft is helping us power through by holding a virtual draft this past weekend.  The draft consists of seven rounds of 32 picks representing each ...

Football is dying from a culture of toxic masculinity

Football is dying from a culture of toxic masculinity

By Saanvi Thakur

April 1, 2020

Being a football player, whether it's for the NFL or the school team, comes with a lot of glory. With all of the intense practices and the heavy toll it takes on the players, viewer rates continue to increase each year. More than 182 million people watched the regular NFL season and the average ...

Girl plays ‘boy’ sport: Eden Ovadia paves the way for women in football

Ovadia is able to hold a sense of anonymity on the team, as players’ genders are indistinguishable in their football uniform.

By Sara Shohoud

October 30, 2019

H omestead has made history. Senior Eden Ovadia is the first female to play on the boys varsity football team for two seasons, playing as a wide receiver and free safety. Ovadia was able to try out for the team with the help of her teacher, she said. “One of my teachers was the [football] co...

Football springs back into season

Players condition by running a mile during the practice.

By Allison Moore

May 8, 2018

  Although football fans may reluctantly put away their banners and green face paint at the end of the fall season, the game is not over for many players. This spring offseason, for instance, the team maintains a rigorous practice schedule, training Monday to Thursday for two hours eac...