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News in a minute

News in a minute

By Evelyn Wang December 16, 2023

Local: Assembly bill allows six California cities to install speed cameras Assembly bill  645, introduced by representative Laura Friedman, will allow San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and three Southern...

RECAP ADVISORY PRESENTATION: In the final advisory, students watched videos created by the district’s administration.

Final advisory promises strong future

By Brevin Reed May 31, 2022

Recapping all the advisories done in the past school year in addition to covering mental health, the school held its final advisory. Created by HHS’s mental health team and led by FUHSD director of special...

NAVIGATING THE MEDIA: Media literacy shields us from false news.

Media literacy cultivates rationality

By Macy Li February 8, 2022

The uphill battle against the spread of misinformation persists, as the media continues to cultivate false news. With social media sites and news platforms adopting greater roles in society, more of us...

 I feel obligated to read the news at all times, but too much of the news can be a bad thing and cause mental exhaustion.

Off the Record: Finding a balance in an unbalanced world

By Shreya Partha December 9, 2021

I often feel as though the world is in constant mourning. On one side, I see people mourning the copious global issues around us and on the other, those who mourn the inaction and helplessness they feel...

JOURNALISM PRESS CONFERENCE: Superintendent Polly Bove answers questions about the future of advisories and how the district plans to educate students about social injustices.

Students, administration reflect on advisory

FUHSD developed an advisory class to educate students on social justice issues and other relevant educational topics for the 2020 school year. After a year of advisories, students and staff are reflecting...

TikTok is known for its whirlwind of viral challenges, trending dances and humorous comedy skits.

Wildly popular TikTok app faces potential ban

By Macy Li August 19, 2020

Over the past few years, teens from all across the world have fallen in love with TikTok, an app that has redefined internet culture and social interaction among Generation Z.  TikTok is known for...

The shelter in place’s goal is to prevent large gatherings of people and slow the spread of the virus. Six Bay Area counties and the state of California have all imposed the shelter-in-place, along with other restrictions.

Shelter in place order extended, further restrictions imposed

By Karuna Chandran and Shruti Magesh April 6, 2020

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19, six Bay Area counties — including Santa Clara County — issued shelter-in-place orders, which began on Tuesday, March 17 and was expected to last until Tuesday,...

News in a Minute: COVID-19 Updates

News in a Minute: COVID-19 Updates

By Shruti Magesh April 5, 2020

LOCAL Santa Clara COVID-19 cases surging  COVID-19 (coronavirus) has increased up to 90 percent in Santa Clara County in the last seven days*, according to the Mercury News. 9,910 people have been...

Samrudh Shenoy (11) and Lior Kishinevsky (12) focus on solving Rubik’s Cubes and compete for the shortest solve time.

Cubing competition allows students to test skills

By Allen Zhang November 19, 2019

Cubing Club held its first competition, allowing students to experience a competitive atmosphere and to test their cubing skills against others.  During the competition, held on Nov. 8 after school,...

School-wide program returns to HHS

School-wide program returns to HHS

By Karima Ghimire and Gabriella Mrozowski April 27, 2016

A simulation presentation known as “Every 15 Minutes” was held April 6-7 in order to promote awareness of drunk driving to the student body. The program, which featured a mock car crash and funeral,...

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