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Homestead High School's student newspaper

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The Epitaph

ARE THEY WORTH IT: Known as the most coveted music awards in the industry, the Grammys continuous snubs and history of racism make it difficult to actually consider them an indicator of success.

Movements in Music

By Niyatee Jain April 1, 2022

As the 64th Grammy Award ceremony approaches this Sunday, we must not lose sight of the fact that awards do not equate to an artist’s success and quality. With a history of not nominating certain races...

DEHUMANIZING RACIAL MINORITIES: Caricatures lead to the exclusion of certain groups from U.S. society.

The Political Arena: How caricatures perpetuate twisted stereotypes

By Macy Li March 6, 2022

Political cartoons and caricatures have long fueled the dehumanization of racial minority groups in the U.S. Their persistence throughout history has demonstrated the lasting impact of art on societal...

 On June 5, crowds gathered in Los Altos to protest the killing of George Floyd. HHS students, including Indhu Chandra, were in attendance.

The new war: equality for all

By Karuna Chandran, Ritaja Subrahmanya June 30, 2020

To protest the killing of George Floyd, HHS students, including rising junior Indhu Chandra, attended a gathering in Los Altos on June 5. “I think it’s good that people are making this [movement...

The video of Arbery’s shooting bears a striking resemblance to lynching photography, since both were not taken to protest violence, but rather to celebrate it.

Being black should not be a death sentence

By Macy Li May 31, 2020

For years, black citizens in the United States have faced countless racist attacks from white people. Today, this abuse towards black civilians has rapidly gained attention and sparked nationwide outrage....

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