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Windian team practices for their upcoming performances during multicultural week and at Sapnay.

Windian team whirls back following year-long hiatus

By Brevin Reed and Rajiv Venkatesh April 21, 2023

Indopak’s senior team, also known as the Windian team, is making its return this year with an all-new group of choreographers and performers. The team plans to perform at brunch during multicultural...

The varsity girls soccer team celebrates the seniors’ last game of the season

Always adapting, constantly improving

By Ella Chan, Erin Loh, and Veronica Zhao March 23, 2023

Even at a professional level, sports teams have to learn to adapt when their star players are absent. At HHS, the varsity girls soccer team has had firsthand experience with these challenges.  Last...

It is vital for HHS to support seniors during the stressful college application season.

A never-ending application

By Lia Klebanov January 19, 2023

As a generation of procrastinators, we are often told how many of our problems can become stress-free if we are proactive. Normally, I would not disagree, but when it comes to college applications,...

OVER THE HILL: Agrawal said shared difficulties help bring the team together, such as in the game against the formidable St. Francis team, where the team worked together to give their opponents a tough fight.

You’re (not) on your own, kid

By Rajiv Venkatesh and Emma Yu November 20, 2022

On the first day of tryouts for the girls volleyball team, freshman, outside hitter Megan Lee said she remembers a senior asking if Lee wanted to be her partner for warm-ups. Once Lee became one of only...

 IMPROVEMENT FROM PRACTICE: Beginning her running career in middle school, Tarkington said she has since beaten her best mile time on several occasions.

Seniors stick with sports

By Brevin Reed May 31, 2022

Throughout the entirety of high school, students are offered a wide variety of sports to play, ranging from swimming and diving to golf and soccer. While some students choose to vary the sports they play,...

Senior Gefei Ma prepares for his final match of the season and his high school career.

The guts and bones of wrestling

By Rajiv Venkatesh and Chloe Wong March 21, 2022

When thinking of wrestling, physical strength might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the sport also emphasizes mental strength, which the coaching staff strives to instill in their wrestlers,...

Balanced senior year stresses and college applications

By Yukari E. Hernandez December 10, 2021

When it comes to graduating seniors, there are many things these upperclassmen have to do in order to prepare for both graduation and adulthood. There are senior pictures to take, caps and gowns to order...

To the rescue: Marissa Young spending quality time with her foster dog.

The unexpected road to graduation

By Nina Vasquez Cruz and Esmeralda Villalobos Soriano October 4, 2021

As the high school journey comes to an end for seniors, many feelings race through their minds. The main emotion senior Shivani Varma said many are experiencing, including herself, is excitement for the...

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, FUHSD has resorted to celebrating the seniors through a virtual graduation.

Students create, sign petition against canceling graduation

By Anika Karody May 4, 2020

Due to COVID-19, events such as graduation and prom have been postponed, leading to disappointment from students. As a result, FUHSD announced a virtual graduation through a districtwide email; however,...

Seniors are having to get creative in the ways that they learn about prospective universities, programs. Watching day in the life Youtube videos from current college students is one way to learn about a school.

Alumni help seniors with post high school decisions

By Leila Salam April 21, 2020

Spurred by a request from the PTSA, alumni are reaching out to current seniors to provide information about their post high school experiences to alleviate the stress surrounding college decisions, as...

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