Accessibility and inclusivity for all

Creating a golf facility on campus will make sport more accessible

HHS is home to a variety of sports and facilities for students to play on. There is a swimming pool, a football stadium and tennis courts. So why is there not an area for the boys and girl’s golf team to be able to play on campus?

Players from both the girls and boys golf team have to commute long distances for practices. (Photo courtesy of Ashley Freitas)

Every sport should have an equal opportunity to succeed and a large part of that is equity in facilities. Players often have to practice outside of campus, a large inconvenience that takes time out of improving their game and their busy schedules.

While building a full scale golf course is expensive, the school can easily create a smaller scale putting green for students to play on for the majority of practices. Closer to major games, the athletes can travel to the full course to get a feel for a real match, but for day-to-day practices, the commute is just illogical.

The campus certainly has the space, such as using the area next to the soccer and baseball fields, so it seems only natural that they make room for the golf teams to have their own facilities. In addition, P.E. classes can incorporate golf into their curriculum, exposing students to another beneficial and important sport. 

Golf facilities will provide students a space to train their skills, such as patience and focus through hand-eye coordination, which are important virtues to success in school and life. According to Better Health, golf helps with the heart, along with overall fitness and muscle endurance, since players have to walk long distances while pulling or carrying their clubs. Golf is a sport that any student can join as long as they have time and devotion to learning the game. 

By opening up a practice location at HHS, the school can work towards a more accessible sporting environment for the golf teams and even more students will have the chance to learn about the beauty of the game.