Plant-based meats provide health benefits, increase sustainability

The conventional options of a traditional meat or veggie burger are now being overtaken by a new option on the menu: the plant-based meat burger.

Both meat eaters and vegetarians alike are flocking to this new burger, which emulates the taste and texture of regular meat burgers. The plant-based patties consist heavily of soy protein concentrate, which is defatted soy flour, according to CNET. 

228 million servings of plant-based meats were purchased in 2019, while the amount of beef burgers purchased has stagnated, according to Market Watch

Plant-based meat provides a healthier and more sustainable alternative to eating regular beef or pork.  By eliminating the amount of meat consumed, greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere are reduced. 

A reduction in meat consumption can help lower the carbon footprint as well. According to BBC, 50 percent of farmed animal emissions come from beef and lamb. In addition, according to a study by Our World in Data, plant-based foods also reduce carbon emission and produce less greenhouse gases than meat and dairy. 

Furthermore, plant-based meats also provide numerous health benefits. They contain a similar nutritional content to beef, but provide more fiber and have fewer calories, according to Food Network

Cutting back on meat can also reduce the risk of heart disease or strokes. Meats contain cholesterol and saturated fat, which can pose a risk to your health. By increasing the intake of plant-based products, you can also lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, according to Heart.

With the rise of companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers, 90 percent of people who eat plant-based meats are not vegetarian or vegan, according to NBC. The rise in consumer demand for plant-based meats is now creating more diverse plant-based products such as plant-based bacon, sausage, chicken and fish. 

Plant-based meats provide the experience of eating meat as they are made to taste similar to real meat.As such, the experience will not be too different if you make the switch!. 

By cutting back on meat and adopting plant-based meat alternatives, we can not only help the fight against global warming but also improve the state of our own health. It’s a win-win solution.