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Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

NON-STOP NOISE: Renovations of buildings cause noise and obstacles to students and staff.

Construction continues at HHS, fueled by efforts to modernize campus

After facing delays, the A building opened at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year; it was previously under renovation in an effort to modernize HHS. Following the A building, Giglio said the B...

LET EXPECTATIONS GO: Students are inevitably disappointed.

Last night was (not) a movie

By Christine Kim May 30, 2022

Growing up, I thought I knew exactly what my high school life would be like. After all, I thrived on classic pop tunes from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I distinctly remember blasting “Teenage Dream”...

IMPROVING WHILE ADAPTING: As a new player on the varsity volleyball team, sophomore Siu said he adjusted to the new environment by giving his all on the court.

Serving for success

By Aiko Charon, Niyatee Jain, and Harshitha Vijayakumar May 15, 2022

Being on a new team can be a daunting experience due to athletes constantly being pushed out of their comfort zone in order to achieve greatness. However, for others such as varsity outside hitter, sophomore...

CREATING LASTING MEMORIES: Dainie Choi (left) said her teammates have played an integral role in her experiences on the swim team.

Senior reflects on memorable season

By Christine Kim April 28, 2022

For the past four years, senior Dainie Choi has immersed herself in a world of competitive swimming, lasting relationships and resilience. Initially, Choi said she was inspired to try out for the swim...

REFLECTION ON COVID: While COVID- 19 slowly dissipates, students take the last two weeks to reflect on the ups and downs of quarantine and how the experience changed them.

Students reflect on their experiences during COVID-19 and how they have grown

By Aiko Charon April 26, 2022

It has been over two years since the day the school shut down and transitioned to distance learning. Now, with school close to being back to normal after the mask mandate was lifted, the consequences and...

REMINISCING ABOUT TIMES: Karina Lim enjoyed the rush of performing well.

The end of an Equestriette era

By Christine Kim April 14, 2022

Beyond the carefully choreographed routines and stiff hairsprayed styles, being an Equestriette was a deeply impactful experience for junior Karina Lim, who joined the HHS team her freshman year, she said. “I’ve...

Teenage years are glorified and idealized everywhere: from movies set in the 70’s to TV shows today

“The Teenage Dream”

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco January 5, 2022

High school is often referred to as “the best years of your life.” It is a time when you are expected to accomplish and experience all sorts of different things. People love to glorify teenage years...

HHS CRIBS: Maker Space

By Miya Liu April 28, 2021

Richard Porticos gives a tour of his room, home to tools and equipment that promote creativity and innovation.

PetCode: from QR code to company

PetCode: from QR code to company

By Miya Liu January 13, 2021

Quarantine gave juniors Karan Dalal and Arnuv Tandon the opportunity they were waiting for to develop their own business. With their combined entrepreneurial spirit, Dalal and Tandon they took advantage...

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