Second annual Night of Service held virtually

By Ariana Tejeda Moreno

Interact club held its second annual Night of Service event to collaborate with other service clubs including CSF, red cross and cancer society, on March 19. Senior Sean Malani, interact club co-president, said the Night of Service allows students to volunteer and the opportunity to earn service hours.

This year, the itinerary for the event needed to undergo changes due to distance learning. The night consisted of four breakout room sessions which each lasted 30 minutes. Each club hosted a breakout room and held different events. Attendees were able to select an event they were interested in, Malani said.

The cancer society planned a card-making event for students to send cards to cancer patients. Students created cards and learned new skills, senior Khushi Thapa, cancer society vice president, said.

Illustration by Ariana Tejeda Moreno

“We did have some students trying to learn how to make origami because we offered to show them,” Thapa said.

During this event, students were also encouraged to have conversations, junior Sophie-Maile Fischer, cancer society president, said. 

“We did have some engaging conversations and talked about [the] club goals so I think it was a great opportunity to talk to [the volunteering students] and get to know them,” Thapa said.

Attendees could receive service hours for the club they desired by signing into the form that was sent out by officers, Malani said. Additionally, students who signed the form were able to win a $25 gift card for Amazon, Thapa said. 

Night of Service was not limited to club members, as all students were encouraged to attend, Malani said.  

“We allow pretty much anyone to come because it doesn’t really matter if they’re part of the club or not,” Malani said. “We want to make a difference, because the more people [that attend] the bigger impact we can make.”

The goal of the event was to volunteer and make a difference while learning about new clubs on campus, Fischer said.

“[The volunteers] took their time out of a Friday to make a difference in the community,” Thapa said, “and that’s what is needed right now.”