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LOVE FOR MUSIC: Wurts said he has enjoyed music his whole life, and his talent of having perfect pitch has contributed to that love.

Q&A with Marcus Wurts

By Nicole Kim March 6, 2022

The Epitaph spoke with senior Marcus Wurts about his experience with the PTSA Reflections Program. Wurts submitted a musical composition piece called “Pandora” and won awards at the Homestead and District...

FEAR OR LOVE: Jon, played by Andrew Garfield, is forced to ask himself questions about life.

How ‘tick, tick… Boom!’-ed its way to be 2021’s best movie musical

By Nicole Kim January 27, 2022

With a surplus of high quality acting, music and thematic elements, “tick, tick… Boom!” is undoubtedly the best movie-musical of 2021. As someone who loves theater, I was merely interested in the...

NO GOALS HERE: Katy Perry blocks a ball during a scrimmage against the JV boys team.

Soccer through a lifetime: Katy Perry

By Nicole Kim, Aiko Charon, and Zeinab Rakhshandehroo December 12, 2021

To some, a sport might be a simple hobby, a way to exercise or something to watch for fun. But for senior Katy Perry, co-captain of the varsity girls soccer team, soccer has always been more than a sport:...

TIME FLIES BY: Adele’s new album is a culmination of her life experiences as she grows older

‘30’: mature heartbreak, separation, delicate love

By Nicole Kim November 30, 2021

Listening to Adele was my childhood. I remember playing her CDs in our minivan and singing along to her albums during long road trips. As I have grown older my perspective on Adele has changed and matured;...

Sophomore Elisa Floyd participated in Job Shadow Day.

Looking back on Job Shadow Day

By Nicole Kim November 30, 2021

Students looking to immerse themselves in a profession of their interest were given the opportunity to do so in the PTSA Job Shadow Day Program that occured Nov. 11-14. Parent volunteers hosted virtual...

TWITTER ACCOUNT SUSPENDED: President Trump’s twitter account was permanently suspended on Jan. 8.

Social media censorship is legally correct, ethically questionable

By Nicole Kim November 16, 2021

In the age of digital media, information is spread to millions of people in seconds, and the control social media companies have on information is immense. These private companies are allowed to deny service...

SATURDAY MORNING COLLECTION: members of the Homestead community drop off canned foods, peanut butter and other non-perishable food items.

PTSA, ASB organize food drive, distribution

By Nicole Kim November 13, 2021

Members of the PTSA and ASB partnered up to host a canned food and other necessities drive to give back to the community Nov. 1-5. This event brought students an opportunity to give back to the community...

SENIORS LAST GAME: Varsity field hockey players smile after playing their last game at Homestead

Seniors say goodbye to field hockey with senior night sendoff

By Keshav Kumar, Nina Vasquez Cruz, and Nicole Kim November 4, 2021

Varsity field hockey played their last home game Oct.13, in a 2-0 loss to Saratoga High School. As senior night celebrations were also held that day, the game held a special significance for graduating...

DISC Graphic: Graphic used to represent DISC personality tests

The misleading problems with personality tests

By Nicole Kim and Harshitha Vijayakumar October 1, 2021

Since when do 40 questions determine your personality? For many years, personality tests have been integrated into our society and have come to play a significant role in how we understand others. Many...

JOURNALISM PRESS CONFERENCE: Superintendent Polly Bove answers questions about the future of advisories and how the district plans to educate students about social injustices.

Students, administration reflect on advisory

FUHSD developed an advisory class to educate students on social justice issues and other relevant educational topics for the 2020 school year. After a year of advisories, students and staff are reflecting...

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