Bicycle club goes off to new heights

By Gaby Cristancho

Whether it is for enjoyment or for lessening pollution production, biking is a great sport. Not only can you bike by yourself but it is fun with friends as you are able to travel to a bunch of different places,  bicycle club president, junior Kaleb Kim. 

Biking has always been a part of Kim’s life, as he’s been biking to school everyday since elementary. Or biking to places with his friends on the weekends, he said. 

“When I was a freshman, I joined the Bicycle Club. It was led by the Tam brothers,” Kaleb said. “But they were seniors at the time, so the year after,when I became a sophomore, I inherited the club. And I have been the president since.”

At the time the officers in the Bicycle Club were all seniors, hoping to spread the biking community in Homestead, Kim inherited the club so that the bicycle club could continue to thrive, he explained.

President Kaleb Kim discusses love of bicycling, plans to expand biking community. (Photo courtesy of Gaby Cristancho )

“Biking had a huge impact on me because it really pushed me a lot. there’d be times where I feel like I wouldn’t go up the hill, or I just wouldn’t be able to do a certain ride.” Kim says. “But just continuing to push myself and go past my limits has really helped me as a person in other areas too than just biking.”

When people start biking Kim says that the biggest factor that limits them is feeling discouraged. He says that people tend to view biking as tedious and not as the fun sport it is. He recommends working your way through it, since you never know until you try it. 

“The main goal that we have for our members is just to get them stronger at biking, and also teach general bike maintenance, such as indexing gears, maintaining your bike properly, and fixing the brakes.” Kim says. 

Learning the correct way to bike is a way to motivate yourself to keep biking. There are a lot of different forms of biking, and each person can have their own preference, Kim said. 

“I enjoy mountain biking and road biking, I [also] enjoy going down hills,” Kim said. “And my favorite part, like the most favorite part of biking in my opinion, is just downhill because it’s as if you’re flying.”

Another reason Kim encourages biking is because it helps the earth, and makes your body healthier, both physically and mentally. 

“For me personally, the main reason why I enjoy biking to school and why I encourage other people to as well is because it gets you energized in the morning and you have more energy to power through the school day.” Kim says. “It’s also a great hobby, or just something to do in your free time. And it’s also a great way to go outside. So there are many benefits to biking and you don’t need to be a super good biker or speedy.”