Seniors say goodbye to field hockey with senior night sendoff

By Keshav Kumar, Nina Vasquez Cruz, and Nicole Kim

Varsity field hockey played their last home game Oct.13, in a 2-0 loss to Saratoga High School. As senior night celebrations were also held that day, the game held a special significance for graduating players, senior Emily Jackman said.

Having been a part of the team since her freshman year, Jackman said this was an emotional game for her to play.

“It feels very surreal because I started my freshman year, which feels like just yesterday, and now I’m playing my last game at Homestead,” Jackman said. “I don’t really know how I got here, but I’m very appreciative of my team because they put so much effort into this and my coach who got me to this point.”

SENIORS LAST GAME: Varsity field hockey players smile after playing their last game at Homestead (Photo courtesy of Nina Vasquez Cruz)

The connections senior Olivia Alvarado has formed with her teammates, she said, have made her final year especially meaningful. 

“This past season has been really valuable knowing that it’s one of my last and has really made me appreciate all these practices, games, and the things that I get to do with my friends,” Alvarado said. “I’ve been playing for four years so this was really big being the last time.”

Having been on the team for four years, senior Kari Anderson said she has picked up valuable life skills. These are skills, she said, that she will carry throughout her life. 

“Being a captain this year, I’ve learned how to make hard decisions and how to communicate,” Anderson said. “Communicating to people by telling them difficult things even when they’re my friends is difficult, but you just have to do it for the better of the team and for their own good.”

Emphasis on team bonding throughout past seasons has contributed to the unique and close knit team all the seniors are sad to say goodbye to, Alvarado said. “We started gossiping with our coach and it was super funny because that was the first time that I really felt connected to her and the seniors [at the time],” Alvarado said. “Sometimes I felt like they’re gonna be mad if I don’t do this, but now as a senior it’s really nice to look back and know that we’re all just proud of everyone.” 

As the season comes to end the seniors reflect on what they’ll miss about playing field hockey at Homestead. “It’ll be really sad when I don’t go to practice every single day,” Alvarado said. “I like to bond with my teammates and the relationships and friendships I’ve made on this team is something that I’ll definitely miss in the future.”